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Today we'll review NeoSpy v 4.1 PRO, a utility software product for monitoring your PC.

This application allows system administrators to remotely monitor a user's actions by means of any web browser. You can launch the program in a stealth mode; it provides a means to monitor particular windows, printers, browsers, Yahoo messages, keystrokes and so on.

In other words, it tracks all activities performed on a given system running NeoSpy in the background. It tracks everything: from keystrokes to printed documents. It also takes desktop screenshots, logs visited websites and does many other things you'd find extremely useful.

All logged data is assembled in reports and sent directly to the administrator.

Let's start with installation.
The installation process is rather simple, as it is in most standard applications. When the starting window pops up, click "Start".

Next the installation window appears. If you want to check for updates, click the corresponding button; right now we won't do it as we downloaded the latest version of NeoSpy. Click "Next".
Here is given a short description of the program, as well as a brief manual for new users. We're going to check the program ourselves, so let's just click "Next".
Here we can see the License Agreement that we need to accept. Tick the checkbox, as you normally do when installing applications, and thus confirm that you will not use this program for malicious purposes. Tick and click "Next".

In the next window you can change the installation folder. The items are unambiguous and easy-to-understand, but let's cover the last one.
Register reports in Windows Explorer

This means that reports compiled by NeoSpy will be visible to your OS and will appear in Windows Explorer.
Click Install.

The installation process normally doesn't take long.

This dialog box gives us a warning: your firewall, if present, will be automatically configured by NeoSpy. Click "Yes".
The following dialog box says that the program will automatically configure your ICQ and Yahoo messenger. Again, if present. Click "Yes".
Let's now wait a little bit.

The firewall notification window popped up. Manually allow access to the network.
This is it, installation complete. Click "Finish" and launch the program.

NeoSpy interface

Because the program has been localized in English, its user interface feels intuitive and easy to understand.
Let's now see how the program works. This compact menu allows you to adjust the program's color layout. You can choose from a wide range of palettes, but we will stick with the standard one. Needless to say, these colors don't affect the program functionality.

Before we start PC monitoring, let's check the settings menu.
What do we find here? For example, as useful a setting as Administrator Password. Tick the check. Enter your password (whatever comes to your mind). As the tick appears, the blocked edit box turns editable. This is where we enter our password. Why do we need one? It'll prevent other users from having control over your program.
You can also change the keyboard shortcut for switching Stealth Mode off.
If you don't want to monitor one of the suggested file directories, you can easily disable this functionality. For example, if you don't want to monitor ICQ messages, just untick the corresponding checks. QIP message history can be excluded as well. If you don't want to monitor printers, untick the check likewise. Same goes for internet connection/disconnection instances, and so on and so forth.

If you want to monitor a remote machine connected to the Internet, click Report sending and tick Send reports. Then adjust sending settings as appropriate to you.
You can increase the screenshot count, change the report mode or choose to send reports as webpages, text files or .zsp files (internal file format known only to NeoSpy).
Here you enter the destination email for sending your reports. For instance,
Click OK. The notification window will pop up, which means the program saved your settings.
Let's now get acquainted with basic hotkeys.

Shift+Ctrl+R is for launching monitoring
Shift+Ctrl+S is for stopping monitoring tool
To immediately switch to Stealth Mode, press Shift+Ctrl+H
And by default Shift+Ctrl+M will turn off Stealth Mode
These are some basic hotkeys. However, there are others, and you can look them up in the Help section.

Now let's look into how the program works. (Though there's probably nothing exciting about it, as you can't see it working, you only can see the results.)
Click Start. We see a pop-up window telling us that we haven't purchased the program yet.
Let's ignore it for now. Okay, the monitoring has started, but the program is still visible. This can alarm the user to stop all activities on this PC. Click "Stealth mode". The notification window tells us that we can turn off Stealth Mode by pressing Shift+Ctrl+M. Press "OK".

This is it. The program has been hidden, and the user won't notice it working.
Now you can leave your computer and allow the user in question to work at this machine. All his actions will be assembled into one report which you'll receive on the email specified in Settings.
Let's, for example, visit some websites. The program will log all these visits.
Or press random keys. The program will log the keystrokes.
Now press Shift+Ctrl+M. Stealth Mode is switched off now. Click "Stop".
Done. The monitoring has stopped. Next the program will offer you several report view modes.

The first one is View logs. Here reports are divided into tables, by categories.
Opened windows, keystrokes, screenshots. Every time you switch windows, the program takes a screenshot. Here's one of them. It also logs clipboard contents, visited websites, installed applications (to compare, whether or not something was deleted), system folders, whether or not they remained unaffected. You can also click "Export in Excel", and that will immediately open the table. It's just the same, with the same division into categories.

What are the other view modes?
One is Slide show, which is mostly based on screenshots taken. This is how it looks. Here you'll find the exact same data as in the tables.

The last one is "Show HTML report".
Here you are offered to view your report as an HTML page or text file.
You can divide your report in several pages and adjust reporting settings.
This is how a report looks like.
Here is the same, but in a wider format.
Which mode to choose — you decide.
Thank you for your attention.


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