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Download spy software

Download NeoSpy for home and office use

You can download NeoSpy for trial. For the unregistered version, the spy duration is limited to 60 minutes and displays registration reminder. Only half of the entire characters of Windows login passwords are shown. You can buy the software here.

VersionFilename LoaderInstaller packageDownload link
NeoSpy v5.8 PROinstall.exe1.05 MB53.11 MBDownload

NeoSpy installer package contains additional advertising or affiliate software tools. This means after installation, you will not have useless toolbars; the start page will not change and there will be no suspicious modules added in the browser.
We truly respect our clients!

You can uninstall NeoSpy by going to the "Options" menu, then selecting "Uninstall program".

If you can’t install the software due to local policies, you can use an alternative installer from the Windows installer package.

VersionFilenameLoaderInstaller packageDownload link
NeoSpy v5.8 PROinstall.msi1.10 MB53.11 MBDownload

NeoSpy Mobile for Android

Download NeoSpy Mobile to your phone and you can find it by GPS coordinates in case of loss.
NeoSpy Mobile helps you track your child’s whereabouts, his phone calls and sms using a mobile phone through online account.

VersionFilenameLoaderInstaller packageDownload link
NeoSpy Mobile v2.0neospy.apk4 MB4 MBDownload for Android

NeoSpy PRO terminal server

For a terminal server, you can download and install a separate server version that will monitor remote desktop sessions.

VersionFilenameLoaderInstaller packageDownload link
NeoSpy v5.8 PRO for the terminal serverinstall.exe1.10 MB53.11 MBDownload
You can buy a terminal version here.

Customer Service

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7 days a week from 08:00 to 20:00 (GMT+2) each day

If you have complex situations and problems related to customer service, please contact the Administration

Existing with other software

We guarantee that the installer package, downloaded from our official website, does not contain viruses or other malicious codes. The software has been tested by a variety of foreign and World software directories.

Because of the specific features of NeoSpy, some antivirus programs may identify the file as potentially dangerous software. If your antivirus program detects NeoSpy as a potentially dangerous item, add it to the "white list" of that antivirus and inform us. If after downloading the program, you you want to start it but the following message appears: "is not a valid win32 application" or "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.", then turn off the anti-virus and download the file again.

Change history

NeoSpy v5.3

 - Skype calls and chat messages recording added
 - The program has been fully translated into a new character encoding to enable it operate in any multilingual Windows version
 - Online account operations accelerated and optimized
 - Interface updated

NeoSpy v5.2

 - Online account operations accelerated and optimized
 - Keylogging improved
 - Local report sending algorithm corrected
 - Memory leaks eliminated

NeoSpy v5.1

 - You can now transfer a license from one computer to another
 - Program controlling modules added
 - Report handling improved

NeoSpy v5.0

 - Webcam surveillance both in local reports and online is now possible
 - You can now send commands and messages to a computer from the site
 - You can now send local reports to an online account
 - You can now manage program settings from the site
 - Improved interface for statistical reporting
 - Online viewing for multiple users corrected
 - Report sending for multiple users corrected

NeoSpy v4.9

 - Online tracking optimized
 - You can now intercept sites visited (last Google Chrome versions)
 - Remote access (online tracking) added in NeoSpy HOME and NeoSpy LITE versions
 - Possible memory leaks during prolonged computer use fixed

NeoSpy v4.8

 - Settings can now be exported/imported
 - A process can now be hidden from Windows 8 task manager (32 and 64 bit)
 - A dedicated SMTP server for sending E-mail reports added
 - You can now send statistics on working hours per month
 - Labels can now be added to statistics

NeoSpy v4.7

 - You can now search by data obtained online
 - Data transmission optimized

NeoSpy v4.6

 - Screenshots and actions can now be saved on the server
 - History of computer activity can now be viewed
 - Screenshot transmission optimized

NeoSpy v4.5

 - AES encryption of all transmitted data
 - Actions performed on the server can be sent

NeoSpy v4.4

 - Sending of screenshots to the server and Internet tracking  - Display of computer condition in the personal account
 - Keylogging improved

NeoSpy v4.3

 - You can now attach the program to your account on the server
 - Program interface changed

NeoSpy v4.2

 - Geolocation tracking (laptop location)
 - Windows 8 support added
 - You can now run hot-key tracking program
 - E-mail reports encryption added
 - Automatic removal after a certain period

NeoSpy v4.1

 - You can now view statistics of application activity and diagrams showing staff performance
 - You can now print out tracking reports and charts

NeoSpy v4.0

 - Printer tracking added
 - Sending of e-mail reports updated (you can send even if the port is blocked by your provider)
 - You can now export a report to Microsoft Excel
 - Interface and registration system updated

NeoSpy v3.9

 - Jabber protocol interception added
 - JAJC (Just Another Jabber Client) interception added
 - Operations in 64-bit systems optimized

NeoSpy v3.8

 - Qutim interception added
 - Screenshot creation made faster
 - Interface updated

NeoSpy v3.7

 - You can now view real-time network screenshots
 - The program optimised
 - You can now quickly clear the "Run" history and system tray icon history
 - Interception of incoming ICQ messages fixed
 - Uninstall in Vista and Seven fixed

NeoSpy v3.6

 - Yahoo Messenger traffic interception added
 - You can now display the nickname of your interlocutor while tracking ICQ messages
 - QIP 2010 interception added
 - Viewing of clipboard contents at import fixed
 - ICQ and Mail Agent traffic interception fixed

NeoSpy v3.5

 - Compatibility with Windows 7
 - Automatic installation with preset parameters
added  - Errors associated with NTFS file permissions eliminated
 - Errors when copying files to USB flash drives eliminated

NeoSpy v3.3

 - Protection against accidents during Windows password interception.
 - Reports can now be exported to Microsoft Excel
 - Copying from tables to a report fixed
 - Files copied to USB flash drives can now be secretly stored
 - The spy software can now intercept Ukrainian keyboard

NeoSpy v2.9

 - Windows XP, 2003 password interception added.
 - Startup changes for all Windows NT versions

NeoSpy v2.8

 - Management of certain files both by type (graphics, text, audio, video), and by specific extension.
 - Program hiding improved
 - Small changes in report sending

NeoSpy v2.7

 - Alternative ICQ tracking mode added
         - Compatible with Windows Vista
         - Better interaction mechanism with Windows user rights         (Administrators and users with limited rights)
         - You can now send reports in ftp server
         - Interface improvements added
         - Program registration simplified (using login name)         
         - Interception of Ukrainian keyboard
         - Compatibility with previous Windows products (Windows 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP, 2003)

NeoSpy v2.6

 - You can now view current events         in real time (Admin panel). Continuous monitoring         both on the local computer and in the network, allowing you to see anything happening on         any of the computers in the network.
         - Program settings file security increased
         - Improved compatibility with all Windows versions from         Windows 9x to Windows Vista

NeoSpy v2.5

 - You can track all messages and passwords of any ICQ client (ICQ,         icqlite, QIP, Miranda, &RQ and others)
         - Alternative tracking of site visit
 - Increased ease of program configuration and management

NeoSpy v2.4

 - Reports can now be renamed
         - Reports can now be sent in text format
         - Reports can now be sent at selected time         intervals (you can select the sending interval)
         - The program does not make screenshots when the system is idle
         - Optimized search
         - Password highlighting

NeoSpy v2.3

 - Tracking only the files created by the user         is now possible
         - Improvements in the interface
         - Re-registration is not required when re-installing the program
         - You can now send reports at selected time         intervals
         - You can now track internet pager QIP

NeoSpy v2.2

 - Optimized handling of large reports.
         - Optimized search
         - Hidden installation added
         - Optimized work in Windows 9x\Me
         - Traffic tracking added

NeoSpy v2.1

 - New methods of tracking users         with restricted rights
         - Tracking at fast user switching         in Windows XP now possible
         - Tracking of system files can now be avoided

NeoSpy v2.0

 - You can now search when viewing logs in the form of tables
         - Screenshot creation optimized
         - Minor uninstallation bugs fixed
         - Tracking of file system changes supported
         - Tracking of site visits in any browser
         - Support for XP visual styles
         - The option "Draw the cursor on screenshot" added
         - Screenshot heading defined by upper window
         - The firewallcan now be configured during installation
         - Test reports can now be sent
         - Reports can now be sent as a web page.