NeoSpy features

  • Startup program control
  • Keylogger
  • Screenshots
  • Webcam images
  • Record of visited sites
  • Working time chart
  • Messenger correspondence records, Skype records
  • Printer control
  • Screen viewing over the internet
  • Webcam viewing over the internet
  • Tracking the GPS coordinates of a laptop or smartphone
  • System information.

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On weekends and holidays, you can request a call back by calling our technical support or via e-mail

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Customer reviews

  • kings

    Thank you for a robust program! Initially, I feared that I'll be disappointed, but all the same decided to take the risk and buy a license.
    No complaints. What a superb program!
    In the beginning, the antivirus program installed on my PC wasn’t “friendly” with your software. But after contacting your tech support, they responded very quickly and helped me to carry out step-by-step system configuration.
    Special thanks to the technical support. Well done and keep it up! :yahoo: I wish we could have more of such excellent services.
  • Fruct

    Many thanks for this wonderful program! I liked everything about it. Most importantly, when the user logs in into the system, autostart is not displayed but runs in hidden mode. Great thanks again! For now, I’ve tried only the trial version, but I’ll soon buy the full program :) :) :)
  • View

    Remote monitoring over the internet is nothing but an EXCELLENT idea!!
  • A grateful user

    Good afternoon to everyone!
    For some reasons, I needed to install and configure the program. During setup, I had a question that was sent via email to the technical support or via a phone call. The most amazing thing was that all the recommendations and answers were very clear and came fast. It is an extremely rare phenomenon to call or write and immediately receive a comprehensive answer to your question without having to talk and talk for weeks with so many operators and at the end receive no helpful answer. ...

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NeoSpy - computer tracking software

Install a comfortable and reliable control system on your computer.

  • NeoSpy stores all data collected on your computer.
  • NeoSpy can automatically send you data collected over the Internet.
  • NeoSpy can carry out hidden surveillance and be invisible to the user.
  • NeoSpy can monitor your computer via the internet.
  • NeoSpy can be run every time you start Windows.
  • Spy software NeoSpy is simple and easy to use.

NeoSpy enables flexible reporting
1. In the form of screen viewing via real-time remote access - online tracking
2. In the form of action tables and statistics charts
3. In the form of slideshow of screenshots and recorded actions
4. In the form of web pages for viewing in a browser
5. Reports can be stored on a server or sent to an e-mail in any format.
The program has a completely friendly and intuitive interface. Even non-advanced computer users can easily work with NeoSpy. Thanks to the program modules used for password cracking and keystroke logging, NeoSpy can intercept and record passwords

  • Passwords from Facebook
  • Email
  • Skype

 - Would you like to know what your child is doing on the computer? Do you need parental control over your children?
 - Would you like to know whether your company's employees are truly busy with work at the office?
Read our article "Is it legal to spy on your employees' computers?"
 - Would you like to know what is usually done on your computer in your absence?
 - At work, would you like to record all the actions and track visited sites?
 - Would you like to know with whom your husband or wife is chatting online? You want to know with whom he or she chats on Facebook?
 - Would you like to monitor your accountant by installing surveillance on his/her computer? Learn how your employees spend their time at work and know whether their actions are harmful to you business or not.
 - You want to protect your laptop from theft?

NeoSpy - a program for tracking all actions on the computer - would provide you answers to these questions.

Buy NeoSpy (from $15)

Download NeoSpy (54 MB)

Data interception scheme in the system

Spy software NeoSpy enables parents to monitor their children's online activities and protect them from unwanted resources on the internet, such as adult chat rooms and pictures, and from suspicious "friends" on social networks.

Detailed features of NeoSpy

  • Collects data on programs running on your computer
  • Tracks everything typed on the keyboard  (keylogger)
  • Allows you to view the user's screen, enable remote access over the internet from a computer, tablet PC or smartphone
  • Keeps track of changes in the file system (file creation, removal and  change)
  • Keeps track of visits to sites (Facebook, dating sites and others)
  • Stores clipboard contents
  • Makes screenshots from time to time
  • Keeps track of the number of incoming and outgoing internet traffic
  • Saves message history of Skype
  • Keeps the list of installed user programs
  • Keeps the list of user system folders
  • (for example, you can find out where the "Desktop" of that user is located)
  • Records internet connection/disconnection
  • Tracks USB media (saves files copied to a USB flash drive)
  • Captures passwords from keyboard, captures email passwords, website passwords
  • Monitors document printing and printers
  • Displays chart of PC working time
  • The spy software is connected to geopositioning systems and displays on the map the place where a laptop is located.

Operating systems supported by the computer tracking program:
Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP.