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Buying the NeoSpy software

By buying the license, you receive the following

1) The prices of the program are current as of July 2024
2) You get a perpetual license. All updates for the licensed version of the program are free
3) When you reinstall the software, the key remains the same
4) When you replace your PC (e.g. upgrading your PC to a better one), you can get a new key
5) Free Technical Support
6) Spy software NeoSpy is updated every month on averege. New features are constantly introduced
7) You can buy the software from any PC. But installing and registering the software should be done on the PC you plan to work with.

Buy Now

When buying any NeoSpy version, you will get an unlimited monitoring time, a completely hidden mode and full-fledged reports. You also can connect the program to your online account at any time and enjoy additional online monitoring features.

Your online account

Online account: this is your personal account on the NeoSpy. By connecting the installed program to your account, you get additional monitoring and program configuration features.

1) Real-time connection to a monitored computer. Remote desktop view via the Internet from another computer or tablet PC
2) Connection to a webcam over the Internet
3) You can transfer your license every month to a new computer
4) You can store screen video in your account
5) You can store computer usage history in your account (launches of applications, keystrokes, loaded websites) and be able to quickly search for specific words
6) You can remotely configure NeoSpy without having access to the computer
7) Gigabytes of free space for storage of monitoring reports in your online account
8) You can send messages to a user through your online account
9) Once your online plan expires, your software does not go into demo version and would not show any buy windows. The program will continue to operate as a full version and store data locally. To resume receiving data in your online account, you will only need to extend the plan without having access to the computer.

After buying the full software, you will receive a username and password. Then go to the page Plans and order for the plan you want.
You can also attach a demo version to your demo account for free by registering here.

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7 days a week from 08:00 to 20:00 (GMT+2) each day

If you have complex situations and problems related to customer service, please contact the Administration

Remote access over the internet

NeoSpy PRO, a program that secures remote access to a computer over the internet, is a system utility, that enables you to view the screen and all user actions from anywhere in the world via a PC, laptop or smartphone in your personal account on our site. The software is multilingual, with a user-friendly interface and pleasant design.

NeoSpy PRO can serve as a parental control tool, as a reliable assistant to system administrators, as well as a computer "first aid". When launching the program, you will gain desktop access to a computer located anywhere in the world. Distance here does not matter; the important thing is stable internet connection and data transmission speed). There is only one "but": to gain access to a computer, you need to install NeoSpy PRO on that device, you want to track and spy.

The program can connect several computers, for example, in an office.

The connection is made in a separate password-protected account. Unauthorized access is impossible. The program encrypts (AES-128) data sent to the server. This encryption standard meets modern cryptographic security standards. Screenshots are stored on the server in an encrypted form and decrypted on the client side in a browser.

The program is undemanding, runs in any browser and can adapt to available connection features. This program is distributed under a perpetual license with no expiration date. Once you acquire the license, you will only be paying for data storage on the server.

You can connect a computer and try out remote access before buying. To do this, you only need to register an account.

Tracking programs

The computer complex tracking program allows the administrator to constantly be aware of the user’s activities, to quickly find and fix problems and to protect the system from information leakage.

Comprehensive tracking allows you to keep track of most of the changes taking place in the computer, eliminate undesirable consequences of any changes, or carry out comprehensive preventative measures on the system to avoid future system failures. The comprehensive tracking program greatly simplifies the life of an inexperienced user by offering the user with robust and multifunctional tools to manage internal system settings.

Experienced users also frequently use spy software products to ensure stable system performance at maximum load in order to avoid routine manual digging into the interiors of the operating system.

Comprehensive monitoring of the state of the computer is essential for those machines that are widely used as a server or are publicly available, such as in computer clubs and internet cafes.