By buying the license, you receive the following

1) The prices of the program are current as of October 2018
2) You get a perpetual license. Updating the licensed version of the program is free of charge;
3) When you reinstall the software, the key remains the same;
4) When you replace your PC (for example, when you upgrade your PC to a higher one), you can get a new key;
5) 24/7 Technical Support;
6) Spy software NeoSpy is updated about every month. New features are constantly introduced;
7) You can buy the software from any PC. But installing the software and registering it with the key received should be done on the PC you plan to work with.

Spying program for PCs

Features NeoSpy LITENeoSpy HOMENeoSpy PRONeoSpy PRO + expanded technical support
Cost of a perpetual license Buy for

Buy for

Buy for

Buy for

Tracking of all programs and applications run and keystrokes (keylogger). Categorized reports in the form of tables.checkcheckcheckcheck
Screenshots and remote desktop from another computer or tablet PC (remote access for users with online tariff)checkcheckcheckcheck
Sending of reports to an online account, email, local folder or network foldercheckcheckcheckcheck
Free consultations on how to use the program (provided via phone, E-mail, Skype, ICQ and online consultation via live chatcheckcheckcheckcheck
Monitoring of file (creation, copying) and clipboard activitycrosscheckcheckcheck
Tracking of sites visited and instant chat messagescrosscheckcheckcheck
Reports in the form of slide shows. The software can be automatically deleted after a specified periodcrosscheckcheckcheck
Saving of webcam images, tracking of printers and geographical location (coordinates)crosscrosscheckcheck
Sending of reports to the FTP server and working time usage statistics (tables and charts)crosscrosscheckcheck
Fast automatic installation with predefined parameterscrosscrosscheckcheck
Assistance in setting up NeoSpy and antivirus programs via remote desktop connection to the user’s PC over the internetcrosscrosscrosscheck

Cost for 1 computer   Cost for 2 computers   Cost for 5 computers   More computers

When buying any NeoSpy version, you get an unlimited tracking time, a completely hidden mode and full-fledged reports. But you can at any time connect the program to an online account and enjoy additional online tracking features.

Your online account

Online account: this is your personal account on the site NeoSpy. By connecting the installed program to your account, you get additional tracking and program configuration features.

1) Real-time connection to a monitored computer; remote desktop access via the Internet from another computer or tablet PC;
2) Connection to a webcam over the Internet;
3) You can transfer your license every month to a new computer;
4) You can store screen video in your account and can fast forward or pause the video
5) You can store computer usage history in your account (running of applications, keystrokes, websites visited) and be able to quickly search for specific words;
6) You can remotely configure NeoSpy without having access to the computer;
7) Gigabytes of free space for storage of tracking reports in your online account;
8) You can send messages to a user through your online account;
9) Once your online tariff expires, your software goes into demo version and shows no buy windows. The program will continue to operate as a full version and store data locally. To resume receiving data in your online account, you will need to only extend the tariff without having access to the computer.

All data transmitted via the server are securely encrypted. NeoSpy uses AES-128 encryption for data transmitted in the network (screen video, keyboard log, etc.). Data are encrypted before being sent to the server, and then decrypted when viewed. Double password protection is used. In the event of any unauthorized access to your email or there is any password reset, the intruder will be able to only log in to your account but he/she won’t be able to view saved data.

After buying the full software, you will receive a username and password. Then go to the page Tariffs and order for the tariff you want.
You can also attach a demo version to your demo account for free by registering here.

FeaturesDemo tariffOnline tariffStandard tariffPremium tariff
per month

for 1 PC + 1 smartphone
for 7 days



Online connection and screen viewingcheckcheckcheckcheck
You can transfer your license every month to a different computercrosscheckcheckcheck
Screen video storagecheckcrossVideo storage for the last 24 hours of operationVideo storage for the last 5 days of operation
Storage of action history (keystrokes, site visits, app launching)crossStorage of history of actions for the last 3 days of operationStorage of history of actions for the last 7 days of operationStorage of history of actions for the last 30 days of operation
Size of additional space on each computer for storage of your archival local reports100 MB1 GB5 GB20 GB
Tariffs for a month   Tariffs for 3 months   Tariffs for 6 months   Tariffs for a year

You can always change your tariff via your personal account.

Wholesale discounts

When you purchase the software to be used on multiple computers, you will get a wholesale discount of up to 60%. Part of the price is given in the table below. All the price options can be seen by clicking on the buy link.
Cost of NeoSpy PRO when buying a license for multiple computers
1 computer (The cost of NeoSpy PRO license will be 1490 RUB)Buy
2 computers (The cost of NeoSpy PRO license will be 2380 RUB)Buy
3 computers (The cost of NeoSpy PRO license will be 3460 RUB)Buy
4 computers (The cost of NeoSpy PRO license will be 4520 RUB)Buy
5 computers (The cost of NeoSpy PRO license will be 5560 RUB)Buy
10 computers (The cost of NeoSpy PRO license will be 10560 RUB)Buy
12 computers (The cost of NeoSpy PRO license will be 12130 RUB)Buy
15 computers (The cost of NeoSpy PRO license will be 15360 RUB)Buy

NeoSpy PRO for a terminal server

For organizations using a terminal server, we have prepared a special version that can track remote access sessions.

Buy NeoSpy PRO for a terminal server

Cost 1490 р.
You can download the terminal version here.

Software updates

NeoSpy 5.0 can be upgraded to NeoSpy 5.1 for free.
To upgrade NeoSpy LITE or NeoSpy HOME to NeoSpy 5.1 PRO, you can buy an upgrade.

Upgrade from NeoSpy LITE to NeoSpy PRO

Cost 670 р.

Upgrade from NeoSpy HOME to NeoSpy PRO

Cost 250 р.

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Remote access over the internet

NeoSpy PRO, a program that secures remote access to a computer over the internet, is a system utility, that enables you to view the screen and all user actions from anywhere in the world via a PC, laptop or smartphone in your personal account on our site. The software is multilingual, with a user-friendly interface and pleasant design.

NeoSpy PRO can serve as a parental control tool, as a reliable assistant to system administrators, as well as a computer "first aid". When launching the program, you will gain desktop access to a computer located anywhere in the world. Distance here does not matter; the important thing is stable internet connection and data transmission speed). There is only one "but": to gain access to a computer, you need to install NeoSpy PRO on that device, you want to track and spy.

The program can connect several computers, for example, in an office.

The connection is made in a separate password-protected account. Unauthorized access is impossible. The program encrypts (AES-128) data sent to the server. This encryption standard meets modern cryptographic security standards. Screenshots are stored on the server in an encrypted form and decrypted on the client side in a browser.

The program is undemanding, runs in any browser and can adapt to available connection features. This program is distributed under a perpetual license with no expiration date. Once you acquire the license, you will only be paying for data storage on the server.

You can connect a computer and try out remote access before buying. To do this, you only need to register an account.

Tracking programs

The computer complex tracking program allows the administrator to constantly be aware of the user’s activities, to quickly find and fix problems and to protect the system from information leakage.

Comprehensive tracking allows you to keep track of most of the changes taking place in the computer, eliminate undesirable consequences of any changes, or carry out comprehensive preventative measures on the system to avoid future system failures. The comprehensive tracking program greatly simplifies the life of an inexperienced user by offering the user with robust and multifunctional tools to manage internal system settings.

Experienced users also frequently use spy software products to ensure stable system performance at maximum load in order to avoid routine manual digging into the interiors of the operating system.

Comprehensive monitoring of the state of the computer is essential for those machines that are widely used as a server or are publicly available, such as in computer clubs and internet cafes.