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    Tracking via the Internet. Online tracking.

    NeoSpy 5.1 – real-time monitoring With the latest NeoSpy versions, you can now monitor a desktop via the Internet. To get started, you need to first download the program. The setup wizard will download and install NeoSpy on your computer. After installation, you can immediately start working with the program or make additional configurations.

    Installing the online tracking software

    It’s absolutely easy to tie a computer to your account. If you have already paid for the program, your account username and password have already been sent to your email automatically. To tie a demo version and test online tracking before you buy, go to the registration page and choose a username and password. After that, you can now tie the program. Select “View over the Internet” in the settings, enter your username and password. You’re done. Your computer is tied to your account. You can now turn on tracking and get ready to monitor. Now go to the website of the program, in the “Sign in” form, enter your username and password, go to the “Account” tab and you’ll find “Your computers”. On that page, you can see all the computers that you tied to your account. Select the computer you want and the viewing form (webcam or desktop) and click “Connect”.

    Tying the program to the computer

    In viewing the screen, you see the user’s actions as if you are there with him live. You’ll always know what’s happening on the computer and can always view the status of the server or any computer on the local network, without necessarily being physically present at the workplace. As the boss at the company, you can, with the help of remote access, monitor your employee in case of suspicious leakage of confidential information. As a parent, this is a necessity because you will be able to monitor the online activities of your child and protect him or her from dangerous users on the internet.

    By this simple way, you will always be aware of what is happening on your computer, know how your employees spend time at work and which sites your child visits.

    The following will be equally important: Viewing of the list of applications running on a remote PC; Ability to view text typed on the keyboard; Viewing of the list of sites visited on a computer; Ability to save correspondence and chats from popular instant messengers.

    All these features will help you not only to monitor and track, but also to provide evidence if and when necessary. With this program, you can capture video slideshows from the screen of a remote PC and later view it over the Internet. The stored video itself can be rewind and fast forwarded, thereby saving you lots of precious time when viewing it.

    Viewing through the webcam of a remote computer – an additional and useful feature. Now you can not only view user actions on your PC but also from outside. In cases where there are unforeseen situations or wrongful acts in the office, remote access will enable you see what’s going on from anywhere in the world. Moreover, you’ll be able to prove it by showing a video saved on the server.

    Online tracking in your account

    The geopositioning feature will enable you track the movement and location of your laptop. It will be useful in case of theft. You’ll be able to track down lost equipment and even find the thief. In combination with webcam viewing, you’ll be able to photograph the face of the culprit.

    NeoSpy interface

    NeoSpy offers unique and superb features. Its main advantage –ability to operate completely in a hidden mode. Your child will never know or suspect that you’re monitoring him remotely. You can at any time connect and monitor without worrying about being discovered. When using NeoSpy in an organization, your employees must be first informed that the management has extra staff control in place.