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Keylogger (also called keystroke logger) is a program that reads the keys struck on a keyboard and saves them in a file. You can later access this file to see what the person wrote on the computer, which messages he typed and which password he entered.

Keylogging is enabled by default in NeoSpy. In this mode, the program records text, a combination of hot keys and passwords typed on the keyboard. Keylogging settings manager is located in the menu “Tracking settings” - “Logging” - “Keyboard”. You can select one of the two working modes of the program: standard and alternative mode. The standard mode is recommended in 99% of cases, but in case of conflict with your anti-virus software, you can enable the alternative mode.

Setting up keylogger

Keyboard logs are always recorded in full format, including their service keys. An example of such a log can be seen in the illustration. Looking through the report, you can disable display of non-printable characters and read the log as a simple text that is more accessible for free reading.

An example of how keylogger works

To simplify report handling, typed passwords are highlighted in the list of pressed keys. So you will be able to find out your child’s passwords and, if necessary, protect him or her from unwanted acquaintances. If NeoSpy is used at a company to monitor your workers, then note that the law in most countries prohibits collection of personal data and correspondence. Therefore, this option must be disabled, or the employee must be notified in writing that the company’s management is maintaining supervision over staff and that it is not allowed to use computers in the company for personal correspondence.

Keylogging is available in all versions: NeoSpy LITE, NeoSpy HOME and NeoSpy PRO. So, even the cheapest version will allow you monitor the user’s keyboard and screen. With any of the NeoSpy versions, you can also connect to a computer via the internet and view keystroke logs in your online account, without direct access to the monitored computer. But you must have the computer tied to your online account.

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