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Parental control

Sitting too long at a computer has always caused frictions between parents and the child. Children don’t usually control the time they spend on the Internet. But do you blame them when even adults are not always able to control the time they spend sitting on social networks? For the child, such long stay at the computer is harmful not only for his sight but also for his mind because modern games are often too realistic for the little kid and he does not always communicate with the right people online. After long games, children become capricious, they have no appetite and are reluctant to do other things. Parental control in such cases is a must.

With NeoSpy, you can always control how long a child sits at the computer, monitor what he is doing and with whom he is chatting online.

Despite the fact that NeoSpy is very effective parental control software, we always advise that you establish a relationship of trust with your child, especially with regards to his interest on the internet. Doing this will allow you not go to extreme control measures. Talk with your child about his favorite interest on the Internet. Children usually prefer to play various games, sit on social networks and chat with peers. Try to show some inquisitiveness to his hobbies, and maybe you can even join him in some of them. As you try to be close to the child, teach him to be critically mindful of content received on the Internet. It is not only about the so-called “adult sites”, but also a dangerous possibility of encountering swindlers and criminals, which can harm the health, psyche and life of your child in real life. Of course, parental control is an effective method of tracking and restricting the child from unwanted content. Nevertheless, such restrictions may not be that effective against a teenager because in extreme cases, he may access unwanted information at a friend’s house, at an Internet café or elsewhere. Only strong trust in your family will help you control your child effectively. However, parental control will always be helpful since if the child/teenager is properly brought up, he or she will not love to receive such harmful information and content on the internet.

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