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Remote web camera viewing

Remote web camera viewing

This feature that enables you to view webcams over the Internet will help you to always keep abreast of what is happening both at home and at work. With this remote online viewing, you can easily monitor your child’s diligence when performing his/her schoolwork and even track the activities of your employees at work. This remote access software enables you to always check the safety and health of your household members, as well as be in touch with how they are spending their pastime during a holiday or work. Certainly, you have to first notify your employees of any plans to monitor their activities at work.

Configuring the remote access program

To view webcams over the Internet, you need to connect the program to your account in the settings section. In the main window of the program, click the “Settings” button, and then select “View over the Internet”. Enter your NeoSpy username and password. You can connect the program to your online account in the same way as described in the article “Remote desktop over the internet“. No other configuration is required.

Viewing web camera over the Internet

To view your camera remotely over the Internet, go to the website and log in to your account.

Fig. 1. “Your computers” web page Then open “Your computers” in the menu and click on the selected computer. In the “Image sources”, select your webcam and click “default webcam”. Then click “Connect”.

Fig. 2. Full information about the computer

Don’t forget that if you use your webcam as an image source for the remote access program, the webcam will be inaccessible when it is taking pictures for other user programs (e.g., Skype). If the computer is already shut down or you want to view the history of images for the day, click on “View history”, then after selecting the report date and time, click on the link “View actions”.

A window where you can view the report will open. Here, you will be able to go to the tab “Webcams” and view images taken within the desired period.

Enabling local storage of images

Sometimes you may need to save images on your local computer instead of viewing them over the internet. Let’s check out how you can enable saving webcam images on a local computer apart from online viewing.

The first method – if you have access to a PC The standard way to activate webcam settings via NeoSpy is well described in the article “Webcam tracking“.

The second method – through your online account To setup webcam viewing over the internet, you need to log in to your online account on the official website and go to the “Your computers” page (Fig. 1). Then, press on the desired computer to see full information about it (Fig. 2). To configure the feature, click on “Settings Manager” to open the settings page (Fig. 3). Here, you will be offered to receive program settings. Note that in order for changes to take effect and for you to be able to open the program, you must have administrator rights.

Fig. 3. “PC Settings” web window

After clicking on “Get program settings”, you should wait for 10 to 30 seconds. During this time, the remote access program will download the settings. You should note 2 compulsory moments: the first – data collection must be activated on the “Your computers” webpage on the target computer. This feature is enabled by default. The second – spy program NeoSpy must be running in hidden mode. Settings are thus loaded in the form of text commands (Fig. 4).

Fig. 4. Web window “PC Settings” after loading the settings

In this case, the required code line responsible for webcam viewing over the internet is: “…WebCam=1;…”. This code line is located in the section [SpyLogs] (Tracking settings). In this case, the program saves webcam images, and at the value “…WebCam=0;…”, the images are not saved. Designation and functionality of the remaining lines can be studied by clicking on the link and reading the article “Remote spy installation”. After any changes, make sure you save them by clicking the “Apply settings” button located at the bottom of the website.

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